I am pleased to present my latest edition to the collection, an A3 size glossy photograph featuring one of my Unicorn pictures "Kindergarten" this is also available in a laminated version at a small extra cost. Lamination helps protect colours from fading and highlights colours.

Green Tara A3

  • Green Tara


    This is the second time that I have been inspired to paint Green Tara, she is Connected to the Buddhist and Hindu Religions a Goddess of Healing and compassion she is connected to our World mother, a Mary like figure seen many times in the West. The Dark Blue Silhouette that you see on the right of the painting is how I see her as she appears, very tall, indicating her Spiritual power.

    The concept of our understanding of Christianity is that we must suffer for our sins and there are no Bright colours connected to the churches, I feel that’s why she appears in Plain subdued colours, Unlike Goddess of the East.

    There are big Spiritual changes arriving in the world, in the West, our Churches are emptying with the influence of power that the church leaders held over us diminishing. I believe that more people are now looking for a spiritual pathway to walk in their lives. Just understanding our Soul will take us on that spiritual pathway.