I am pleased to present my latest edition to the collection, an A3 size glossy photograph featuring one of my Unicorn pictures "Kindergarten" this is also available in a laminated version at a small extra cost. Lamination helps protect colours from fading and highlights colours.

Kindergarten A3

  • Astral Kindergarten.

    There is a strong belief the Astral plan is a little like our world where different consciousness’s meet at the same intellectual awareness.

    As below So is it above, the interpretation whatever happens on earth is also mirrored in the Astral world, a metaphor, that has been used for a very long-time links to Hermeticism.

    The name of the painting came to me as I was painting the Astral kindergarten where children can grow up in and ride upon unicorns and learn about the Greatest mystery that’s evaded man.
     Our Soul, understanding the Soul would be like unlocking a treasure box full of wonderful jewels, all the knowledge of the universe and it is buried with in us all.