I am pleased to present my latest special edition high colour collage of multiple images to the collection,  "The Awakening of spirituality" Lamination helps protect colours from fading and highlights colours. This is also available in an unlaminated version

The Awakening of spirituality A3 (Landscape) Laminated

  • The Awakening of spirituality

    Colours, shapes are very important to us in both our Earthly life and our Spiritual wellbeing. Through these shapes and colours we are drawn to the energy that the colours emit which help with our moods and emotions, bringing forth a feeling of wellbeing, happiness, upliftment, balancing and healing. As you view the picture, you will find yourself drawn to a particular colour, this colour is the one that is needed in your aura at the time of viewing and could change each time you look at the picture. With a bit of research on line, you may find what the particular colours mean to you at the time of viewing. The Collage was placed onto a black background because black is a transforming colour, it does not have any energy on its own but when colours are mixed with or on top of black, the magnifies the energy.

    These cards are perfect to share in colour workshops, healing, or just inspiring.