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Colin Hall

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Fairys and Flowers

As a Psychic Artist and Medium, Colin conducts workshops throughout the U.K, also in Germany, Austria, the U.S.A. and Canada.

Colin is also a medium living in Manchester in the UK, he Serves many Spiritual Churches and centres throughout the UK. 


A Proud Moment


Shiva Journey

Shiva - The God of Destruction

Shiva represents darkness, As we go through life we will experience storms and dark days, Its the way we overcome the challenges of life that make us strong.

As we look at the the great Elements in Mother Nature and the destruction after the waves in a Tsunami or a forest fire, life starts to grow again.

Shiva helps us understand ourselves and our actions spiritual and material to hold the balance between the two, In doing so you my become more aware of the part your soul as to play in your journey through life.