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Lake Goddess


Angel in our lives


Angel’s are not here to judge you’ You do that your self as you go through live as you see the expression on these facts.

As you look at painting you have a felling of support in a joyful mood they are radiating out

Capturing a playful and a mischievous innocence like children.

The painting took under Four minute to complete I just whet with the flow with the Spirit.

It wouldn’t have been possible to capture there expression if I was thinking of how to capture how they should look.

I am a psychic Artist and a Medium and I do teach inspiration Art in workshops.

This kind of Art, connect you to you Soul where all inspiration  flows from.


Fire Goddess    (1 Red)  


Fire Goddess has great power bringing inspiration and creativity, healing, poetry and smith craft, when linking into her consciousness. She becomes a great teacher of the development of our own spiritual flame and an understanding of the fire elements and the roll they play in alchemy and inspired wisdom.


Suggestion: Mediate on the card look into the eyes of the Goddess and let her take you in to her world of the fire spirits. Look for information on Brighid the fire Goddess of the Celtic.


Affirmation: My internal flam will always be glowing. 


Element: Fire.

Lake Goddess    (5 Blue)  


By contacting the Lake Goddess in mediating or by water can help bring back clarity and understanding into our lives. She works deep under the water looking after the pearl beds, so she helps us go deep within ourselves to bring back the calm to the storms that come into our lives. She will help you find the pearls that that are closely guarded in the oyster, the pearls of wisdom are in us all; the card can help you enter her world.


 Suggestion:  Go into the stillness, there you will find the pearls shining bright.


Affirmation: Like the moon my pearls will shine bright. 


Element: Water, Air.


The painting  above Was completed in March 2022

The Beginning of a Dream 

Life is like a Dream, We can reach the Stars in our Dreams, Or we can reach our Dreams in our lives.

Sending positive thoughts of peace love and light into the all the dark places within and wherever needed without reservation.

In doing so You will start to become a builder of Dreams 

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