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Classic Title

Classic Title

Classic Title

Classic Title

Colin Hall is a psychic artist and medium living in Manchester here in the UK. Serving many spiritual churches and spiritual centres throughout the UK. Colin's international travel takes him to many country's in Europe and much further afield to the USA & Canada.

Colin gives evidential demonstrations of survival of the soul and life after death.

Early experiences led Colin on a life long quest to develop his spiritual gifts in church groups and circles. Eventually this led Colin to attend the Spiritual college of Arthur Findley,where under the direction of many eminent teachers, including the influence of Gordon Higginson, Colin began to develop those gifts and gain a deeper understanding of Autographs and the Spirit World.

As a Teacher in Metaphysical and Spiritual Art:  Colin's artwork takes us into the Great Deva Kingdom of the four elements, Nature Spirits of :Air, Water, Earth, Fire. The more the Artwork is studied the more the “Essence” of power & peace radiates from Colin's paintings. Colin will touch deep within your spiritual being.


Beginning of a Dream

The Beginning of a Dream 

Life is like a Dream, We can reach the Stars in our Dreams, Or we can reach our Dreams in our lives.

Sending positive thoughts of peace love and light into the all the dark places within and wherever needed without reservation.

In doing so You will start to become a builder of Dreams 

Cascade of Lily

The Gathering

Painting on a House

Painting on a Cottage in            Maine USA

Elegant Title

Sen Gardon

Zen Garden

Nature and Germination (7)

Nature And Germination

Green Tara

Green Tara

Connected toAngels

Connecting to Angels

Air Angels

18. Mystic Red Angel.jpg

Cosmic Energy

Spiritul Energy Balls

Red Angel

Spirit Cat
Fairy Kindom

Animals in  

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Building Prisams

The Prism

Lily Fairy

Lily Angel


                                            Air Goddess 

 The Air Goddess sits on her throne on the clouds connected to the two Dragons that are breathing onto the Lotus flowers and flowing into the clouds.

In doing so thy are creating works of Art in the clouds in colours, You can only look and marvel at the Spectrum of colour in the sky’s. above you 

I think we have all looked into the sky as the clouds are gliding past taking on shape and form.

The element air also appears as a concept In the Buddhism religion.

Shaman from North Russia and Africa work with the most elusive element is Air.

With this concept in mind I was inspired to do the Picture The Air Goddess.

Classic Title

Butterfly Queen

                Butterfly Fairy    (10 Yellow) 


The Butterfly Fairy can help us with our imagination turning it into visual reality when we cross the bridge into her world. To do this we must first enter into our subconsciousness where our creativity is. The more we work in this energy the more the creativity will expand.


Suggestion: The world of inspiration is within us all meditating can help our creativity to flow.

Affirmation: I will trust my own perceptions.

Element: Air, Earth.



Dogs in Spirit

Animals  in the Spirit World





Dancing Fairy's.jpg

Dancing Fairys

Sunnflower Queen.jpg

Sunflower Queen

Angel of Motion.jpg
18. Mystic Red Angel.jpg
Unamed 4.png