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Goddess's of Healing and compassion

Different faiths around the world are connected to Goddess in the West it’s our lady her correct Name is the world Mother she always appears in a long cloak and very tall in appearance.She is one of the great teachers and when on your pathway to enlightenment she is never far behind offering to Guidance into unlocking the Soul inspiration.

In the East there are many Goddess’s, Green Tara is a female deity in both Hinduism and Buddhism and personifies compassion Tara manifests to everyone, not just Buddhists also Tara takes on many forms, to Chinese Buddhists she is Guan Yin and personified compassion. I believe that they all manifest from the same  source appearing in the traditional robes of that country.


Queen Yin

Green tara Spring time.jpg

Green Tara


World Mother



The cards above were designed to help with Visualisation, The instructions is are written on the back of the Card 


 Healing comes from within, the art is to help your Visualisation and remove blockages. The mind and the soul are connected, when the connections are blocked it can create disharmony within the body

The mind is a very powerful instrument, when disturbed it can create blockages that slow down the life energy that naturally flow from the mind to the soul, to help remove the blockages techniques of visualisation can be used to help enhance the energy.

I was shown in my channelling and meditation, how to create a Healing Painting that can help remove the blockages of the mind through the visualising of the painting. Visualise the Rainbow Angels and butterflies flowing their cosmic life force all around you, flowing through your crown chakra,  your body and out through your feet, removing the old blockages and energizing your body.

The Soul is the spark of god within us all, like a seed ready to open when connected to our spiritual gifts and inspiration.

Through visualisation prayer and Meditation, the connection with the Body Mind and Soul will unite the cosmic life force flow from the heavens through our body.


Healing Bubble

White Tara.png

White Tara


Healing Post Card

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