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I'm Colin Hall and I would like to share my Journey with you and hopefully inspire the inner artistic side in you.

 I have always been interested in Art and at the beginning, in true L.S Lowry style I  would draw matchstick people inside my Art and through the years it has developed into what you see today, the inspired  nature of Visionary Art of which little is known within the traditional art world, this is truly inspired art which can be  learned and enjoyed by those that would like to experience it.   


There are many names for this Art such as: Psychic Art, Spiritual and inspirational Art all of these are just personal descriptions, it is the connection that counts.

It was after I began to sit in a church spiritual meditation and development circle that my Spiritual awareness began to open up and the inspiration of Spirit Art started to expand into  my consciousness, later I realised that there was a connection in all of this to our inner Soul.

When I am drawing a picture, I feel as if I am going into a deep meditation and blending with the different spiritual worlds, where Angels and Elementals of Inspiration and our spiritual teachers are only too willing to help us develop our spiritual awareness and in doing so we will start to learn more about the biggest mystery to man, "Our Soul" and this will help to give us a better  understanding of our Soul pathway through life. 


I decided several years ago that I would like to share my gift with others and teach them

how to channel their energies into Spiritual Art. I have held workshops and demonstrations

in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, America and Canada and will post any information on my

events page. If any group would like to book me for an art class, they can contact me for

details, arrangements or any other information on my contact me page. 


Spitting of the Atom

                                  Spitting of the Atom 

The inspiration of the painting arrived to me as I was getting into the flow it reminded me of of floating in and out of Spiritul images around me like in a dream.

I had the impression everything we needed to know was at our finger tips all the Answers we are looking for was within.

But being unman we have to be completed and look outside ourselves and travel along this endless pathway 

Hopefully the pathway will take you back from where you started and a step closer to understanding your Soul journey.



Greek Philosophy 

Man is the microcosm of the universe, Greek philosophers and in some religions 

And early thinkers believe Man being a little word whose composition and structure correspond to that of the universe.


                                                           Meeting of the four Elements 


The Celts work in harmony with the Elements with growing of their food Healings and the Arts as you can see in their wonderful Celtic Art

Even to day around the world different groups and shaman work with the Elements In Healing and the Arts.

I do believe if Christianity had not ignored the reality of the Elements we would be living more in harmony with Nature.

Spirit Art by Colin Hall. Artist & Spirit Art Tutor