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                          Gastmedium Colin Hall

            Colin Hall an der Gesundheitsmesse Solothun, 13. – 16. April 2023


              Colin Hall – Sommerferienwoche. CH

‘                     Spirituelle Kunst, Medialität und Heilen’,

                                                               Juli 2023- 16 - 21

           Location im Raum Thunersee – Details folgen bald! Anmeldungen werden schon                                           entgegen genommen, da die Teilnehmerzahl max.  

                                                   10 – 12 Personen sein kann



                                         Madison Spiritual Camp, Maine

Are pleased to Present 
          A Workshop on Mediumship and Spiritual Art

                      17-18 August   2023
        Colin Hall will be doing the Sunday Church Service
Message Circle
Private Readings
       For more information contact the camp on 207-474-0-124


          Temple Heights Spiritual Camp Maine
           We are pleased to Present 
           A Workshop on Mediumship and Spiritual Art

28 - August - September 3
      Message Circle: Wednesday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday
Also Private Readings

For more information contact the camp on (207)338 3029


Healing Light Spiritual Church Etna Maine
            Are pleased to Present on the following dates: 
         Demonstration of Mediumship and Spiritul Art
           7 pm Friday 8th September 2023
              Private Readings - Church Services 
       Sunday 10th  September 
            For all information please

           For more information please contact:
         Spiritual Light Church on: 207-217-2697

      Also on Facebook (Click here)


demonstration of Mediumship and Spiritul Art
          Tuesday 7-Nov 2023
      Please Contact: PSI-Verein Basel
        Spiritual Art and Workshop
                  Tel +41 (0)61 383 97 20

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Demonstration of Spiritual Art
Please Contact: PSI-Verein Basel
about the Workshop Including:
Private Sittings,
     A Demonstration of Spiritual Art        and Mediumship
       Tuesday 23 May 2023

   Demonstration of Spirit Art
Hyde Spiritualist Church    
April  7:30pm Great Norbury St Hyde SK14 1HX


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