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This deck contains 40 cards, each card is individual and each card has a description in English & German on the back. Discount may be added for more than one purchase, please contact me for details.he cards and booklet have been created to help give us a better understanding of the Geometry of life that has been around us and within us before the birth of the physical body .Entering the consciousness to the three dimensions helps us enter the realms of the fourth dimension where we can find and access the power and creativity of God. Every human that knocks on the door is allowed entry into this wonderful world. Great people like Buddha have discovered that to access this great and wonderful power we do not have to look outside ourselves, it all lies within our own being. The door to access this world lies within the heart and once we enter into this world we will be astounded by the wonder and beauty and intensity of the colours and the geometric shapes that translate all knowledge and understanding, the place where Masters and Angels look at us through the geometric bars of our self imposed prison cages. Once we open the heart we find the release from our cages. People who found their way into the heavenly kingdom are many, for instance Socrates and Devinci and others of like mind they found that they could work on a different level of understanding in the Arts and Philosophy, they all had one thing in common and that is the love of mankind and took the step to find a way. Don’t be afraid of loving the self and loving others, as God is always waiting by the door for you to knock.

Card Decks Geometrical Angels

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